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•Born and raised in Frankfurt, Germany as a Polish Immigrant

•Grew up trilingual, speaking Polish, German and English - additionally, learned basic French and Russian

•Pianist, singer and composer, Hoch’s Music Conservatory, Germany, composed music for the 2021 Academy Awards

•Started my professional Voice Over Career in 2011 as a lead actress on ‘STAR WARS – The Old Republic’ and supporting actress on ‘James Bond – Bloodstone’

•Master’s Degree, major English/ American Studies & Political Science, graduated A, Goethe University, Germany

•Immigrated to the US in 2014 (green card holder), worked in network TV and streaming as a voice over and dubbing director, adapter/writer, producer and actress

•Theatrical clients: Netflix, Amazon, HBO/max, Paramount, Lionsgate etc., Commercial clients: Disney, Samsung, Nespresso, General Motors etc.

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