Claudia Zie - This is me

I' ve been hustling in LA for the last 5 years. It's been quite the ride. With some notable success, a hint of failure, and getting up again (which as we know is the crucial part).

Success means being free to do what I truly want to be doing with this one life time I was dealt. And when I worked on "Deadly Sins (ID Discovery), "Jane The Virgin" (the CW), "Fefu and Her Friends" (JUST Toys Productions) or on "On The Border" (Amazon) I felt free and wildly happy. But hey, even collecting decent paychecks for Disney, Mazda or Sony Commercials wasn't the worst in the world and would definitely qualify as success. "Failure" could be defined as the x-number of jobs I auditioned for and didn't get. Yet those I qualify as valuable lessons, it's liberating to not have regrets. Regular job options were sucking the soul out of my living body and turning me into a zombie. I don't want to be a zombie, but I'm happy to play one if you need me to!

My will to live and not merely survive is so strong, that it gave me the drive and madness to quit a lucrative position, toss my completed A-grade Master's Degree aside and after years of fighting finally become a working artist. Yes, that's what I am now. What a prestigious club. The main things that keep the lights on are voice over, music and commercial gigs. The TV show roles and feature films keep adding up. 


As for my basic past stats: I was born to political refugee-scientist-Polish immigrant parents in Germany and raised by a single mother who taught me how to be a non-lazy Millennial. She sent me to music/dance/theater classes, forced me to get a job and let me perform gigs on German TV, play piano concerts and learn 5 languages. The best way to show how grateful I am is to actually do THIS and pay my own bills in the meantime. 

My drive is as crazy as my goals are. So why not put it to the test.

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